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Building Web Site Success

Download the lecture notes from 'Building Web Site Success' in PDF format

The following information resources and links have been compiled to support the "Building Web Site Success" lectures recently presented by PawPrint President, Scott Baker B.A.Sc.

Download the lecture notes from 'Building Web Site Success' in PDF formatDownload 'Building Web Site Success' lecture notes

More Information

Some of the topics covered in our lecture are discussed in more detail in our e-Book: Building of Web Site Success - a guide to Internet marketing - PDF formatBuilding Web Site Success (PDF)  Building of Web Site Success - a guide to Internet marketing - on-line versionBuilding Web Site Success (html)  A general introduction to on-going e-marketing and good web design procedures. Those considering a web site or just getting started will both benefit from this informative e-book. We update this text periodically as information presents and time permits. Available in PDF or on-line.

PawPrint Technical Design GlossaryTerms Glossary
A technical terms glossary containing terms, acronyms, and concepts that relate to web and graphic design, photography, communications, and software development. Many of the terms used in the lecture are explained in the glossary.

Links from the lecture

Here (if I have remembered them all) are the links mentioned during the lecture: (PS: did anyone try the 'click here' search yet? - the results may surprise you)

The Free Open-Source on-line encyclopediaWikipedia
This is the on-line encyclopedia that people can contribute to. This may help with understanding some of the tech. terms.

The Open Directory ProjectDMOZ
Here is the 'Open Directory Project' arguably one of the most important places to get your web site listed. You should check to see if you are already listed by searching for your web site address (be careful to read what is says if you get no results - sometimes it's just because the search engine is too busy) If you're not listed you should probably submit your web site - follow their instructions carefully.

The Bosun's MateThe Bosun's Mate
My sailing web site - since several people asked...


A few indispensable on-line tools to help you learn about, tune, and validate your web site:

the W3C ValidatorW3C X/HTML Validator
Check your web site code for errors - this is probably the single most important web tool to help create a standards compliant web page.

the W3C CSS ValidatorW3C CSS Validator
Does your web page use CSS? this tool will validate that CSS code portion of you web page - this rounds out the validation process.

Learn about the Web Accessability GuidelinesWeb Accessability Guidelines
Do you care about making your page accessible for persons with disabilities? These guidelines will help you tune your site to be more universally accessible, we have also found that conforming to these guidelines makes web pages faster and they seem to rank better on the search engines.

Colour-blind Web Page FilterColorblind Web Page Filter
Test how your web site will render for people who are afflicted with various types of colour blindness.

Calibrate your monitor using this simple online tutorialMonitor Calibration
A simple on-line monitor calibration tool, for the novice or graphics professional - make sure you're monitor is tuned correctly - and ensure you are not viewing the web through coloured glasses.

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Login and use the PawPrint Web Design Forums to discuss web design, photography, and computers with others - complete with helpful interjections by the experts at PawPrint.

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