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This dictionary of web design, photography, computer and graphic design terms has been compiled from many sources and is constantly being augmented and undergoing revisions to try and capture as much of the lingo and technical vocabulary as possible.  

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Data and Telecommunications, terms, concepts and abbreviations. (19 terms)
It usually consists of a metallic conductor pattern on an epoxy glass composite insulating substrate, more complex circuits have several layers stacked togeather. After assembly where components are added, it is known as a printed wiring assembly (PWA).  
Computer Hardware parts, abbreviations and concepts. (6 terms)
RAM is a type of computer storage whose contents can be accessed in any order. This is in contrast to sequential memory devices such as magnetic tapes, discs and drums, in which the mechanical movement of the storage medium forces the computer to access data in a fixed order. It is usually implied that RAM can be both written to and read from, in contrast to read-only memory or ROM.

Computers use RAM to hold the program code and data during execution. In the first electronic computers, RAM wa...
Graphic Design & prepress terms from desktop publishing to offset printing. (14 terms)
An ISO/ANSI/ECMA standard that specifies a way to annotate text documents with information about types of sections of a document. This is the root of most other markup languages: XML and HTML being examples.
Linux/Unix Terms and Commands. (9 terms)
ls [options] [names]

List the contents of a directory or directories. This is similar to the dos command īdirī frequently abbreviated in many shells to ll for ls -l which lists files with long format. If no [names] then the contents of the current directory are listed.

-1, --format=single-column
Print one entry per line of output.

List all files, including the normally hidden files whose names begin with a period.

-b, --escape
Display nonprinting characters in octal an...
Photography terms and concepts, including digital and traditional photographic techniques. (11 terms)
An image format that records pixel information using the additive colour model of combining amounts of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to create a wide gamut of colours. This is based on the way standard web offset printing (SWOP) inks are combines on a press to create most printed colour documents.

In Graphic design when the final goal is to send something for SWOP printing it is oftin a good idea to work in CMYK as opposed to RGB to ensure a better colour match and to avoid problems when c...
Web design termonology, concepts, and abbreviations. (46 terms)
A measure of image resolution - typical screen resolution is 72 dip whereas printing presse print at 300dpi.

When measuring the resolution of an image you need to know both the physical size and the resolution (in DPI) to acertain the actual amount of data. For example:

An image that is 10 inches wide...

at 72dpi would be 720 pixels wide
at 300dpi would be 3000 pixels wide (roughly 3.5 times the resolution)

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