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Getting started on a web site? need some insight about how to make your existing web site more potent or useful? Looking for ways to get the most from your online experience? The following eBooks, notes, white papers, and tools are a collection of resources we have compiled over the years to assist you in finding solutions to these and other questions.

Web Site Marketing

Get the tips you need and avoid the pitfalls on your path to creating an effective and successful web site.

Building Web Site SuccessBuilding Web Site Success
Building Web Site Success

Size: 1.39M

  Updated 2010/01/25
Building Web Site Success - a guide to Internet Marketing is a general introduction to on-going e-marketing and good web design procedures. Those considering a web site or just getting started will both benefit from this informative e-book. We update this text periodically as information presents and time permits.

Small Business Web Marketing Top Ten TipsSmall Business Web Marketing Top Ten Tips
Small Business Web Marketing Top Ten Tips

Size: 1.58K

Handy information for the small business owner in point form - the Top Ten Tips for small business web site marketing.

Social Networking for Small BusinessSocial Networking for Small Business
Social Networking for Small Business

Size: 1.58K

Tips for small business getting started with or afraid to jump into social networking.

How to Choose an Effective Domain NameHow to Choose an Effective Domain Name
How to Choose an Effective Domain Name

Size: 1.59K

Taking the guesswork out of choosing your web site domain name and how to maximize the marketing potential from it.

How To Choose a Web DesignerHow To Choose a Web Designer
How To Choose a Web Designer

Size: 1.52K

A step-by-step guide that includes some of the most important points to think about, questions to ask, and decisions you must make when choosing your web designer.

Domain Registration Hell and how to avoid itDomain Registration Hell and how to avoid it
Domain Registration Hell and how to avoid it

Size: 218.62K

An in-depth article examining Domain Registration and the DNS system - associated pitfalls and how to avoid loosing your domain.

Standard Advert SizesStandard Advert Sizes
Standard Advert Sizes

Size: 1.42K

The standard display sizes in pixels used in general across modern web sites. Sticking to these sizes helps keep content standard and makes it easier to sell advertising space on your web site.

Internet Marketing Lecture NotesInternet Marketing Lecture Notes
Internet Marketing Lecture Notes

Size: 6.55K

Information, resources, and links, compiled to support the "Building Web Site Success" lecture series presented by PawPrint President, Scott Baker B.A.Sc.

Graphic Design and Web Development Tools

Monitor CalibrationMonitor Calibration
Monitor Calibration

Size: 7.84K

A simple on-line monitor calibration tool, for the novice or graphics professional - make sure you´re monitor is tuned correctly - and ensure you are not viewing the web through coloured glasses.

Web Safe ColoursWeb Safe Colours
Web Safe Colours

Size: 19.44K

Unfortunately only 216 colours will reliably display consistently across the web - view a pallet of these colours with their associated HEX (CSS) codes.

W3C X/HTML ValidationW3C X/HTML Validation
W3C X/HTML Validation

Check your web site code for errors - this is probably the single most important web tool to help create a standards compliant web page.

More Web Resources

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Web Design and Software FAQ
Frequently asked questions about web design and development as well as other more general topics. If you haven´t found your answer yet - this is the next place to look.

Technical Web Design Terms Glossary
A technical terms glossary containing terms, acronyms, and concepts that relate to web and graphic design, photography, communications, and software development.

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