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December 13th, 2009
December 13th, 2009

Versaverter 4 - In Development

We expect an initial aplha release in the next week

Versaverter 3 has been out and slowly becoming obsolete since 2005. It was high time to kick things up a notch and get a modern release out the door. We had some high expectations for where Versaverter should go and were now fairly confident that it is going to do exactly what we wanted!

There were several things that we felt must be in place for a new release:

1) Web based community unit management (like a units wiki)
2) Development to produce a cross platform client
3) Retain speed and efficiency in the client
4) Add an in-application search
5) Remember previous settings and add a favorite conversions feature
6) Code in a modern framework/language

To meet all these criteria we elected to re-create Versaverter from the ground up using the Adobe Air application framework. I selected this for several reasons, but mainly because I am already familiar with it and because it is so nicely tied to the web.

We Intended to dedicate some off times over the past week to this project but as we proceeded it quickly became apparent that with all the features of the Adobe Air framework - the re-write was going to be faster then we had expected. As such we have a development alpha version nearly ready with almost 80% of our intended features already in place.

On that note - it is safe to now say you can probably expect a pre-release version of Versaverter 4 sometime this coming week. It will still be feature limited and the online unit database will not be there - but the base functions and new (spiffing) user interface will be good to go.

More Images

Sample main application screen
Sample main application screen
Sample about dialog
Sample about dialog

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