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April 10th, 2007
April 10th, 2007

Notification Module

Sechelt BC, Canada

PawPrint announces the availability of the new notification module - enhancing email and on-line communications across all web sites that are based on the PawPrint XDe modular system. This new core module is available free to all current PawPrint customers.

The new system not only improves the reliability of email based communications it also allows users more control over how they receive notifications including an entirely web based communication system to allow users to pass private messages on-site and for Administrators to broadcast messages to all users on-line or via email. Users can choose to receive email, on-line, or both forms of communication and Administrators can force a message to be sent via any method. On-Line messages can be set to auto-expire while users can elect to save them on-line or forward them to their home email account.

Why have we done this?
As the immense quantity of spam has increased on the īnetī more and more we are finding that people are missing important messages because some component of their email system (at the ISP or at their home) has filtered out the message. By centralizing these notifications on the web site, they can be sure to never miss a message again - they can just check the message center and see any unread messages straight away. In fact, the direct link in their personalized menu indicates at-a-glance if any messages are waiting.

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