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June 10th, 2005
June 10th, 2005

PawPrint and Dark French Host introduce new Web Backup Service

Sechelt BC, Canada

Automatic, off-Site web site backup for as little as $6.99/month - a small price to pay to ensure your dynamic content is kept safe!

Right now: Most web designers keep a backup of all the static content on your web site and all the code that is used for the siteīs back-end (PawPrint certainly does) But as a dynamic web site grows, users add to the forums, content management is added, news, events, etc... and all the associated data remains on the server. Unless some form of manual backup is performed - should the server crash - ALL this data would be lost.

PawPrint has always provided a manual backup, but we all know how business goes - and such things are often left for "tomorrow"

With the new backup module anyone with the PawPrint XDe system can have their entire web site backed-up on a daily basis using an efficient encrypted automatic transfer system.

The system monitors your web site and transfers only those files that have changed (or been added) to the backup-master-server - you get logs of the backup and can control how many "versions" of the backup are retained. Since only those files that have changed are transferred - the daily load on your web site is very small - and it can be set to run in the "wee-hours" anyway.

Existing PawPrint XDe customers can have the Backup module free of charge and need only pay for the backup-service. If you donīt yet have the XDe module - you can purchase the core system (Backup in now included) for $200 and need only pay a small setup fee to have it added to your web site. Other Web Designers looking to provide this as a service for their customers should inquire about wholesale rates.

For more information contact either:
Dark French Host:

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