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July 12th, 2004
July 12th, 2004

PawPrint Photo on disply Italian Science Museum Exhibit

The Immaginario Scientifico Science Centre, near Trieste, Italy will display one of PawPrint´s photos along with other key photos from across the globe in an upcoming exhibit dividing the globe into 24 "sharp" time zones of 15´ degrees with an average of 20 pictures per zone. The goal is to cover four wide categories in the four groups of maxi-screens of ELIS (namely: landscape, people, cities and detail). The "trip" will last about 15 minutes showing how things change with longitude.

The photos will be displayed on the maxi screens with the name of the region (or the town) where they were taken. Some hypertexts on the desktop of the entrance (and also distributed inside the exhibition) will give the visitor the possibility to interactively br owse the images and read the title of the picture.

The Immaginario Scientifico is a science museum based in the Miramare Campus (inside of one of the buildings of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics ), near Trieste, Italy. The science museum, in addition to offering an interactive hands-on area also features a multimedia section called ELIS, where temporary exhibitions are periodically set up and open to the public free of charge.

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