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February 24th, 2004
February 24th, 2004 Launch

PawPrint is pleased to announce the launch of the Moonbeans Coffee Roaster web site

The best coffee in BC: absolutly! the World: we certainly think so - PawPrint is pleased to announce the launch of the Moonbeans Coffee Roaster web site. Take a journey Beyond the Bean and explore the world of coffee...

PawPrint has been enjoying the fantastic coffee from Moonbeans for years (through many a new web site launch) and we are pleased to be able to share their coffee with the world through this new site. Plus, itīs the first time we have launched a web site while actively enjoying the siteīs product!

After traveling to Pender Island, PawPrint captured location stills, and product shots to help compile this informative web site. Check back soon as Moonbeans is working on compiling a glossary of coffee terms using the PawPrint XDe Glossary module - a must for the budding coffee connoisseur.

Join PawPrint at the Vancouver International Bed and Breakfast Conference in Vancouver March 2-4 and pick up a sample of Moonbeans "Innkeeperīs Blend"

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