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March 4th, 2003
March 4th, 2003

We let the dogs out...

The new forums at My Masters Choice - know better dog food, mark the first implementation of PawPrint´s new modular, database driven, dynamic web site system. The forums encourage all canine lovers to share their care, training, and nutrition information while also providing a place for fun stories and pictures.

The new system is completely modular, allowing web site proprietors to pick and choose from various components that all work from a common database. Each module builds upon the others to provide additional functionality depending on what modules are present. The entire system remains customizable but implementation times are very short because of the cross platform code.

"PawPrint has been developing this system for over a year now" said company president Scott Baker "We have several customers already using prior incarnations of the same technology - but the Know Better implementation marks the first use of the mature system - the best part is that it is far from done - the possibilities for expanding this system to provide enhancements and additional functionality are almost endless"

While the forums at knowbetterdogfood .com only incorporate one module of the system. The existing and in-development modules include:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Forums
  • News & Press releases
  • Events calender
  • Gallery
  • e-Cards
  • Personals
  • BLOGs

visit the forums - it´s what you´ve been howling for...

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