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August 7th, 2012
August 7th, 2012

CMS User Interface and Mobile Viewer Updates

Enhancements to the XDe CMS help control content for mobile devices

Updates have been released to the XDe CMS that include the ability to target content sections and site navigation for desktop and/or mobile devices. The content management form has also been updated to an improved user interface.

The changes allow content sections to be restricted for display only on mobile devices or desktop screens. Navigation items may similairly be targeted to specific devices. This allows sites to better provide device-approperiate content for the viewer as they arrive on the web site.

In addition the entire content management form has been enhanced to reduce it's size, speed loading, and assist the user in managing pages with a more interactive display for published vs unpublished sections as well as limiting the initial display of seldom used areas of the form.

Check out the walkthrough video for details.
Play Video
Play Video

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