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March 24th, 2012
March 24th, 2012

Trackmail Update Gives Detailed Stats

Gain insight into your email messaging with XDe Trackmail

XDE CMS now bosts impressive new tracking features as part of the enhanced ītrackmailī module. Existing users will gain new graphs and category breakdown for past messaging. All new messages sent get aditional stats including first view (the first time a recipient views the message) Total Views, and Most Recent View (Time when they last viewed it)

The latest update improves the speed of tracking and captures new data for each message view. The user interface for viewing results has been completely re-written adding graphs and aditional breakdowns for the data already captured and making it easier for administrators to get around.

This means all existing trackmail users instantly gain new insights into the messages they already sent.  The preview shows the new stats-view that gives a summary of the message readership and category breakdown.

Trackmail is a module of the XDeCMS and available for an aditional $75 one time fee for any XDe based web site.

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