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June 25th, 2011
June 25th, 2011

Tight VNC

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Tight VNC Connection request
Tight VNC Connection request
Have more then one computer and need to quickly change something remotely? how about helping a family member online, or controlling your system without a monitor, mac from PC or vice versa? Tight VNC will do all of that!

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Cost: Freeware
Summary: Fast low/bandwidth remote screen sharing and control package.

Super simple to install and configure. It allows you to access virtually any system from virtually any other. You can even find versions for iOS and Android devices and control your PC with your phone (although thatīs a bit extreme) There are a lot of VNC (Virtual Network Computing) protocol clients and servers out there but this one tends to be our favorite - with a few enhancements that makes the screen sharing and control very smooth. Incredibly elegant over a 100mbps home network for example. It even works ok over dial-up if you tone down the compression sufficiently.

We have tested multiple configurations and frequently use it to control our music/media player PC which is in a different location. And to remotely assist customers with system issues or questions.

To use it - just install the server on any machine you want to control and use the client to access it. Everything is password protected and you can even configure it for different security levels.

Free fast and incredibly useful - this one is thoroughly recommended for anyone with a network of one or more systems or who is called upon to help friends from time to time.

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Options screen
Options screen
Eample Sharing window
Eample Sharing window

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