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October 12th, 2010
October 12th, 2010

Speed Stats and Sharing

more XDe updates keep your web sites on the leading edge

The frequency of really useful updates and enhancements seems to be increasing - something that is always good news. Today there are 3 great updates to report:

First the jQuery UI (some code that does fancy stuff on the site like dialog boxes) has been updated to version 1.8.5 - Part-in-parcel with this some of the other Javascript code has been tweaked and adjusted and the overall size has been reduced. This means you site will load just a little bit faster.

The Second and Third updates are related. The stats (now called web analytics) module has been updated to provide an enhanced "client report" and a new report for "outbound links" has been added. A statistic for the number of views by mobile devices has also been added to the main overview page.

The Client report now lists additional details about the screen size of the devices viewing your web site - something that is becoming increasingly important as more and more web sites are viewed on mobile devices. The display of this report has been improved and screen sized are now broken down into categories.

The new outbound link report is the real diamond in this update. Now all outbound links from the content on your site are tracked as well as special tracking of the new sharing links for those times when someone shares content to the social media sites via the new share-bar. You can now tell how many time various links were clicked, which links are shared the most and to which social media sites (facebook, twitter, etc...) As more and more businesses look to enhance their marketing using social media this level of integration will greatly assist you to see how and where your visitors are using these services.

PS: If you don´t have the share bar (part of the chirp module) and would like it - this is a free enhancement, just let us know. Sharing is automatically included in your news, so if you´re not sure if you have it - view a news article on your web site if you see facebook, twitter and other links there - then you´re already good to go.

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