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by: joetabla
December 6th, 2007
feedback / suggestions
its taking a while to dial in, but worldtime is really nice.

i really enjoy being able to modify the fonts, colors, text and type of clock display. ive set up a really trim clock on my desktop, three clocks in a medium font 8pt font for US time zones, and three other timezones using tiny fonts with grey colors.  that way it doesnt take up a lot of room, out of the way until i need to glance at the time.

so, i would rather see things like transparency,  window always on bottom option, and fix for dual screen usage (worldtime keeps repositioning when no-titlebar is set).  also might be nice to see some other layout options (verticle?), background colors for city names.  stuff like that.

im not convinced a flash version will have all the possible features you can leverage as an application. just my thoughts.

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by: acrux
May 13th, 2008
feedback / suggestions
Love the WT software. I am using it at my observatory as we use julian date and time for some things. However we dont have internet access and I use another program to lock my internal cloct to the correct time via a GPS plugged into a serial port. It just reads the standard NMEA sentance which is fairly standard. Doesnt need to be correct to better than one second and be able to choose the serial port the GPS is on.

Just a thought as there may be others on ships etc with the same problem?

Dave Moorhouse
New Zealand
paulg has no photo

by: paulg
March 9th, 2008
feedback / suggestions

I am able to display my clocks vertically. Go to the General tab in Settings.
Choose the Height button in the Constrain Window group (center right).

Now go to the clock display and move one of the vertical edges towards the
center until only one clock is displayed horizontally.

This works on Win2k and XP Pro.

I am attaching a screen shot. Hope it works.
Uploaded Image
Portrait for timmiethegeek

by: timmiethegeek
March 8th, 2008
feedback / suggestions
I like the transparency idea and would also like to see a "dockable" option to force it to the edge of the screen.

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