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by: machine
March 11th, 2012
Up to date definitions for time zones needed - big job I know, but...
I´ve been using World Time for a few years now and find it excellent. Thanks pawprint.

I have a number of time-zones set up and one of the time-zones (New York) is one hour behind actual time according to ´world time server´.

No doubt this is due to the NYC time definition not being correct in World Time.

Would it be possible to have definitions that are as accurate as world time server by connecting to them?

I offer no criticism of World Time as I love the program and there´s nothing better around (well, on this planet anyway).

I do recognize that updating every location in the world, there´s hundreds of them, for daylight saving etc, is a BIG JOB, that´s why I suggest hooking into World Time Server.

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