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by: iancasey
June 24th, 2007
Operational ETA
Hello all.  I am intrigued by this system and would like to know whether it is operational yet.  If so  Id really like to learn how well this sytem is working in real time with live data.  Is there any indication this may become operational in other districts?

Ian Casey
Training Officer
Prevention Officer

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by: sbaker
June 25th, 2007
Operational ETA
Itīs already in operation and has been running in the Pacific region since Feb 2006 - - the stats you see on the home page are real-time from the system - but thatīs all that is publicly visible (tip of the iceberg) There is a plan to take it national across Canada, but I donīt have an ETA for that (Just waiting for the decision makers to decide) The system was also presented at the World Maritime Rescue Congress in Sweden this month and now other countries are looking at it as well.

I can give my opinion as to the success of the system (see below) - but as the developer, of course, Iīm biased.... Youīre also welcome to contact me directly ( ) if you wish - or give the office in Victoria a call and get their unbiased opinion.

My Biased Opinion:
Since we started, the system has been very well received by the general membership in the region with over 50% of all the members being active users (the way the system is designed only Coxswains need enter most reports - crew can view their personal stats) We no longer process any paper training or mission reports - everything is done via the system. The office completed the year end report in about one hour compared to it taking weeks before the system was in place. In short itīs been a huge success, saving countless hours and providing many never before possible stats and insights into operations and especially training (Iīm also a training officer, both in my unit and in the region)
Fair Winds, and watch for squalls from leeward.

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