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by: nike
March 10th, 2004
Metric Time
What is "Metric Time"?  I cannot find anything in the documentation, nor can I find other sources which match what is displayed.  It appears to be a count of seconds since the beginning of the Common Era, except that it would be off by more than a year.  I have also determined that it increments 86460 times per day, so what is it counting?

So far as I know, currently the only "metric" unit of time is the SI second, which is almost exactly 1/86,400 mean solar day.  The original metric system created by the French also included a "decimal second" that was 1/100,000 day.  This seems to be neither.

Perhaps a better "metric time" would be Unix time, which is commonly used by computer people around the world, being a count of seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00Z.  This would probably be useful to a lot of people.

I am familiar with all the others, including Julian Dates, Swatch .beats and Udt, but I donīt know who uses this "Metric Time," so please enlighten me.

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by: hoover
June 4th, 2004
Re: Metric Time
Hereīs a description of Metric Time but is a little different I think.
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by: nike
March 13th, 2004
Re: Metric Time
What are the principles behind Metric Time?  I might want to post them on my own web site.

If you know the URL, we might be able to find the page in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

As I stated, if you drop Metric Time, Unix time would be much better, as it is commonly used by computer programmers.  (But Iīm sure you must know this.)  I use TRAqDATE to find the current Unix time.
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by: sbaker
March 11th, 2004
Re: Metric Time
Metric time was a format that someon proposed to me several years ago and I added it in. I īm not sure they are actually promoting it nay more though - and I never really did understand it exactly - I just added it in the way it was listed - I canīt seem to get to the old web site any more... so I expect it is now defunct.

Is anyone using this? perhaps I should just drop it?
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