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jongeraldine has no photo

by: jongeraldine
May 12th, 2005
WorldTime always hanging of late ...
Hi, I have been using Worldtime for at least a year now and it has been trouble free until probably 1-2 months ago.  Iīve noticed that on many occassions when activating it that the clocks hang after ticking over for the first few seconds.  Anyone has been experiencing this recently or know what the problem is and how to fix it?

Itīs a great product and I donīt really want to switch unless there is no workaround to the problem.


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by: aynna
August 28th, 2009
WorldTime always hanging of late ...
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by: bernie
April 14th, 2006
WorldTime always hanging of late ...
Just a bit of follow-up from our experience.  Turning off the automatic sync does indeed fix the problem of locking up after ticking a few seconds.  Since we have turned it off there have been no problems.

Interesting though, right now I can do a manual sync and it will work just fine. Our thinking here is that the problem must be in some sort of error recovery if the current time sync source fails in some odd way.  It must not be an obvious failure since I have personally watched the sync go through a number of servers when our link was done and it seemed not to have a problem quickly going through the whole list.  So what you might see is that if a "weird" NTP server gets to the top of your list and is failing in some "weird" way then WoldTime does locks-up.  

Here are two suggestions:

a) You might want to try to use one of these time servers.  Some of the ones in the list wtservers.wtd I donīt think are even functional.

b) Since we have turned off the automatic sync, we are letting the Windows time service to the sync for us.  This might be a better solution in general since that is a core service of the Windows operating system.  In Windows/2000 there is the "w32tm" command you can display help about the command with "w32tm -help" and there are some articles on the Microsoft website about "authoritative" time services that discusses how to configure the time service.  This would keep the time continuously updated and it has some algorithms for slowing adjusting the time if it shows drift.  That might make the whole problem go away.

Anyhow, hope this little bit helps.  


tcurran has no photo

by: tcurran
April 13th, 2006
WORKAROUND: WorldTime always hanging of late ...
As Bernie suggests, the problem is definitely related to the sync feature. I havenīt yet figured out how to bring sync back to life (if and when I do, Iīll post here), but there is a simple workaround: disable the sync feature.

īHow to do that if you canīt run the program for more than a few seconds?ī I hear you ask. Simple: Open worldtime.conf in a simple text editor like Notepad. Scroll down to SyncOnConnect and replace "True" with "False." Do the same with "AutoSync." WorldTime will now suspend all automatic synching. The program will only sync when you tell it to ("Sync Time Now!"), at which point it will probably hang.

If you are not experiencing the problem described in this thread, donīt follow these directions. They donīt apply to you.
slackplan9 has no photo

by: slackplan9
January 8th, 2006
WorldTime always hanging of late ...
I just tried to run the SETUP on 5.5. It hangs.
So, goodbye WORLDTIME. It is now of no use to me except to clog up hard drive space and my processor. In about a minute, that will no longer be a problem.
slackplan9 has no photo

by: slackplan9
January 8th, 2006
WorldTime always hanging of late ...
I installed on an XP machine.
When I first used WORLDTIME, it was on a WIN95 machine some years ago.
On my current machine, It is of no use to me. It hangs on launch.
I am going to uninstall this one and put on 5.5. If it doesnīt work, then I am going to bite the bullet and buy a commercial one.

Since the last version of this one was made in 2004, I am assuming that a decent update isnīt coming anytime soon.
bernie has no photo

by: bernie
August 30th, 2005
WorldTime always hanging of late ...
Well I have had this problem from time to time.  

The issue is related to the "sync" feature.  For whatever reason, World Time gets into some state where every time it attempts a "sync" it locks.  

You donīt get the sound stating that it is attempting a sync or get anything in the log.  

At one time I attributed it to a time server that was unreachable...but that should not cause a lock up it should go on to the next server.

Anyhow, I wish someone would look into this because it is very irritating to look up at the clock and see that it is frozen.  Especially when doing an international call.

There must be some place where World Clock keeps this information about a failed time service since changing the name in the "preferences" menu does no good.  

Any help is appreciated...but your lock up as you describe is most likely due to the moment World Time attempts a sync.  

Hope that helps and I hope someone gets some ideas of how to work around this issue.



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