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by: tcurran
February 22nd, 2005
Passing a parameter in Execute Alarm
Iīm trying to set up an Execute Application alarm. I canīt figure out the syntax for passing a parameter to the executable. In this case, the parameter is a filename, but itīs not working. The normal Windows syntax would be to wrap both the path-executable and the path-filename parameter in quotation marks (because they have embedded spacebars), but that doesnīt work. Iīve also tried it with wrapping only the filename in quotes, and not using quotes at all. And Iīve tried just invoking the filename (which is of a registered filetype). Nothing works. Any suggestions?

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by: sbaker
February 22nd, 2005
Passing a parameter in Execute Alarm
Interesting - I use the "just the filename" method all the time (my standard wake-up alarm when Iīm traveling is to run my mp3 playlist using the alarm manager) and I havenīt done anything special to get that to work.

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