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by: pdavit
November 24th, 2004
REQ: Increase currency conversion flexibility

I like the fact that we have two currency-related tabs, one for EU Currencies and an up-to-date one with more "global" entries. The problem though is that you cannot convert the global ones to the EU-related and vice-versa. So, for example, I cannot convert UK Pound Sterling into Greek Drachmas because they are organised on separate tabs.  

I would like to suggest an expandable entry within the "global" currencies which will hold all the EU currencies to allow converting any EU-related currency to any non-EU-related one.


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by: baldy_aussie
November 24th, 2004
REQ: Increase currency conversion flexibility
Refer to:
where I cover the complexities and inaccuracies inherent in Currency conversions.
That said, IŽll have a good look at this area again, once the upcoming database changes have been worked out.
Currency conversions are VERY dynamic, and approximations are really all that can be offered in the light of the speed of changes in these rates.


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