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by: paulg
November 1st, 2004
Alarm Manager Does not work properly across DST change in
I posted earlier that an alarm created before a Daylight Saving Time change does not work correctly after the DST change. At the time I was not sure if the problem happened in version I have been using for some time. I just tested it and the problem does exist in 941. I reused an alarm created before the recent DST change and changed the time to 5 minutes in the future. The alarm went off right away with a status of late. I did not mention in my earlier post that I am using Windows 2k Pro and the NTFS file system. I know there are issues with file system dates and times with reguard to DST when using the NTFS file system.

Just a note on the recent post about the DST changse happening on the wrong Sunday. I did not experience that problem on my 2K system. I am in the USA Pacific Time Zone.

I just want to thank you for the great work and look forward to any improvements you have the time to make. PaulG

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by: lee1764jalee
October 15th, 2021
Alarm Manager Does not work properly across DST change in
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