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by: bahri
July 21st, 2004
I like tis Converter, however I have come across the following:
1 Bar = 4817.69 Feet of water at 4 DegC
1 Bar = 4822.37 Feet of Water at 15.5 DegC
1 Bar = 33.45   Feet of Water Conventional
1 Bar = 15.80 mm of water at 4 DegC
1 Bar = 15.82 mm of water at 15 DegC

Only the Conventional is near
The others are wrong and have a (-) sign next to them.
What does this mean?
I think that things should be checked out more oftem.
I like the layout and structure of Versaverter and hate to have to loosa confidence in it.
Thanks all

Portrait for baldy_aussie

by: baldy_aussie
September 20th, 2004
Re: Verification
I have been using VersaVerter for quite a while, and HAVING READ THE USERGUIDE.PDF, have found that if I want/need any strange units (housing "square" or 10 sq ft for example), all I had to do was to add an entry in my CUSTOM definitions.
With the CURRENT VERSION, this changes to:

extract from userfuide.pdf:

"You may create you own units for Versaverter and use the conversion engine to convert between these units. To do so - just edit the file useruints.xml using any standard text editor. This file has the same format as the units.xml file as described in Appendix A"

Thus any Corrections may be simply achieved.
If you read the guide completely, it becomes quite simple to delete the database files (reducing to "fresh install status"), edit the xml data, and then run Versaverter to recreate the database files.

Hey Presto! You have a CUSTOMISED VersaVerter!

PS The (-) beside the entries indicate that there is NO STANDARD ABBREVIATION for this unit.


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