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by: roman
June 5th, 2004
How to Uninstall Versaverter
I have just installed versaverter, and just as a matter of routine checked to see if a provision had been made to uninstall it.  I found none.  That is, the list obtained by clicking Start->Control Panel ->Add or Remove Programs shows no listing either for Paw Print or for Versaverter.

Also, the files supplied by Paw Print do not include and "Uninstall Versaverter" file.  

So, how does one uninstall Veraverter, should one ever desire to do so? Can anyone advise?



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by: sbaker
June 6th, 2004
Re: How to Uninstall Versaverter
Just delete the versaverter directory - everything for vv resides in the install folder.

As a rule I am trying to avoid unnecessary system modifications including writing anything to the registry in Windows - this makes software less of a system hog and reduces potential conflicts - as a result I donīt add anything to the registry for WT6 or Versaverter - but a symptom of that is that I canīt include an uninstaller in the control panel applet either.

In a subsiquent installer (as with WT) there will be a batch file to delete everything for you.
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