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by: paulg
April 16th, 2022
WorldTime hangs or does not appear to even start Firefox is implicated
WorldTime starts  or hangs while starting. It will never restart after closing. I should mention that I have multiple clocks in my display. I am running Windows 10 Pro fully patched and up to date. As before it  will hang when resuming from Hibernate. When booting it will often hang such that the clocks appear but the time field is black, that is no time and date text. Other times it will start properly and then some time during the day will stop advancing the time for some reason.  WorldTime has been problematic for some time It would really be nice if it were updated with the latest Windows runtime code base. There are bugs that could be fixed but getting it to start and run reliably is the most important update needed.

I would be happy to supply a Sysinternals Process Monitor log file created when starting WorldTime in my standard user account. In this case the WorldTime display never even appears.

For what it is worth. The problem seems to be Firefox. If I close Firefox then the blank clocks start  working. If WorldTime did not seem to start then closing Firefox allows it to be seen and starts working. If I close WorldTime and then Firefox I can then restart WorldTime but not if Firefox is running. After some time WorldTime freezes. Even if I have only been surfing using Firefox. I am running the latest Windows 10 Pro fully updated and the latest Firefox.
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