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by: paulg
May 20th, 2019
Clocks hang when resuming from hibernate
I hibernate my Windows 10 Pro system every night. When I resume in the morning often the clocks will advance a couple seconds and then hang. Closing and restarting WT does not work. The clock was running just now and I did a sync now and it is hung.

I have had similar problems through the iterations of Windows versions.
In a previous Windows version I could use Task Manager to end Timesync and that would start the clocks running. Now Task Manager does not show Timesync when the clocks are hung. In fact WT is not shown anywhere in Task Manager with the clocks hung. When I close WT for not responding and restart it the status bar at the bottom says Network Connection. My computer clearly has internet connection.

For some reason I don't see this problem on my laptop although it only has one clock, just my desktop which has 8 clocks. It would seem that it is time to update WT to work in the latest Windows environment.

I believe the problem has  something to do with synchronizing with a time server. The status bar at the bottom shows Network Connection.  I would think it is a problem with the interaction between timesync.exe and the main program. The clock had been running for two or three days resuming from hibernate including this morning. For some reason it has become hung. restarting it does not cause it to run but hang after two or three seconds.  

I really like WorldTime and hope this particular bug could be fixed.

New Edit
This problem is still happening. I am running Windows 10 Pro fully patched. I do notice if I just log off and back on to the same account World Time starts running again. I should mention that I always work in the standard user account. Surely this problem warrants at least an attempt at fixing it. Closing World Time and restarting it does not work. It immediately hangs. On rare occasions it will just start working again. There is no obvious reason for this to happen.

Now there is another issue. I just closed WT  and now it does not appear to open, ie not shown on desktop but it is listed in Task Manager in the Background Processes section. I can End Task but it again it does not appear on the desktop.

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by: mskristymurphy
September 1st, 2019
Clocks hang when resuming from hibernate
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