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by: sbaker
November 7th, 2012
Standard Report Filters
Another new update that should really help where region/zone based structures are being used. New Standard Reporting Filters allow many reports in the SMS to be filtered based on unit, zone, region and also extended date ranges. This fills a longstanding request from some regions to split reports by zone and region and is the culmination of far-reaching changes to the structure of the SMS.

A short update overview video shows how the new filters look and function.

There are still many areas that need to be converted to the new reporting filter system but considering how important some of these are for certain areas this interim release will hopefully hit the most important reports and others will soon follow.

As always there are a whole series of other updates in the background mostly cosmetic and ease of use items as well as a few bug fixes for accents not showing correctly in certain pick-lists.

Fair Winds, and watch for squalls from leeward.

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