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Questions and answers about web hosting, email and browser setup, mobile device compatibility, administration, billing, and configuration options for DNS.
What are the name servers for my domain?
Domains hosted on PawPrint's shared hosting servers use the following name servers:

This information is also available in the customer dashboard
How do I set up an auto responder?
Either a temporary or perminant auto responder can be added through your hosting control panel. Visit your customer dashboard for a link to that if you don't have it bookmarked.

A note about auto responders used for "out of office" messages:
We recommend not ever using an auto responder for email. They can cause annoying email loops if your email is subscribed to any automated notifications and, in general, are annoying to people sending email. A better solution is to send a notice to important contacts advising them when there will be an extended absence.
What are the mail servers for my email?
To see the correct incoming and outgoing mail servers for your web site visit your customer dashboard It lists the servers and ports to use for the mail server associated with your account.
Can you help me set up my email on "some device/program"?
We do not directly support client device setup and configuration apart from providing all the necessair settings to configure devices to send and receive email. That said we have provided some tutorials for the most common configurations and will try to help answering common configuration questions.

In difficult cases the best solution is usually to seek the assistance of someone close to home that can sit with you and help configure your device/software using the settings we have provided.
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