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Business Listings

XDe Business Listings
Designed to provide a complete business/organization listings system for small medium or large; local or international web sites, the Business Listings module provides a completely configurable system for collection, display, communications, and reporting for any number and type of different organizations.
Completely configurable system for small, medium or large; local or international business listings.”
The Business Listings module has been designed to provide a flexible framework for the collection and display of related listings. Each listing can be ´owned´ by a site user who then can keep the listing information up-to-date. Administrators control exactly what information is captured by defining features for each listing category, communities/areas, groups, types, and listing status. The entire system can be linked to the subscription module to allow for listings to be based on a revenue-bearing recurring payment structure.

Module Features

The Business Listings Module includes all of the following features organized into standards compliant, cross platform, web based forms that require no client-side software.
  • Unlimited Listings
  • CSS Based Style Control
  • Customizable layout options
  • Sorting by Type, Category, Status, and Classification (all administrator defined
  • Unlimited Features / listing (defined by administrators)
  • Unlimited Images / listing
  • GIS Mapping and Data Collection/Export
  • Parent/Child Listing Relationships
  • Staff Assignment / listing
  • User Management of Listing Details
  • Per-Category Communication System
  • Simple Availability tracking system
  • Simple and Detailed (feature-based) search
  • Security Control for visibility and assigned to business users
Sample Business Listing

Sample Listing


Existing customers include small and medium community tourism DMOs (Destination Marketing Organization) and an International NGO (Non-Government Organization) the system has been designed from the ground up to be flexible enough to handle thousands of listings from across the globe while still remaining simple enough to suit a small DMO that has less then one hundred businesses to list.
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