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The Web Development Libraries

PawPrint CodePacs offer pre-built advanced functionality that make development of complex web site simple. Not only can we automate difficult processes but also centralize some aspects of web code, thereby allowing us to easily modify code in response to new technology and the current recommendations of the W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium - the standards body that oversees web technology)

in layman's terms...

These library are groups of functions that we have built over the years. Rather then needing to spend many hours coding when designing your advanced web site we can simply call up a function from one of these libraries - saving both time and money. Through the combined use of CodePacs and XDe modules PawPrint can create far more 'web-site-bang' for your buck.

The possibilities are endless...

Current CodePacs

There are many different CodePacs available, and we are still developing new ones and enhancing existing ones, the following is a list of Current CodePacs.

module description
Country Select

Create and manage country lists and selections for a web site - including ISO code and postal rate cross references. This, easily updated library, provides a central point of reference for all web forms that require country selection elements.

Date Tools

Various date related utilities including code to display a calendar - using CSS, date conversions, form elements, computations, and much more.

Document Top

Creates a header for individual web pages - with intelligent meta tags and correct syntax for DTD and Namespace identification.

Geographic Information System

A library of php functions that allow plotting of locations on maps - calculating distances and drawing tracks. PawPrint created this set of advanced functions for use with our 'Tracker' XDe module and has since expanded it to work with many web site areas.


One of our original CodePacs containing a vast array of general utility functions, and one of the main reasons for the speed with which PawPrint can design standard web site components. Most of our other CodePacs use parts of this module and all our web pages are faster and simpler as a result.


A group of utilities for management and display of images on a web site - automatic re-sizing, placement, always with web standards in mind. This is another library that dramatically speeds the entire design process while ensuring the best quality code and accessability for all PawPrint sites.

Object Tours

Functions for displaying and managing object 360° tours. PawPrint is an industry leader in photographing virtual tours and object 360's and this library provides the back-end support for easily adding these multimedia elements to a web site.

Page Information

A global web site object that contains all company details, descriptions, keywords, and much more - Sites then call upon this object to automatically choose keywords, and create the ideal set of meta-tags for the web site - with all pages referencing the same set of functions. This object forms the basis for all PawPrint web sites.

Pop Menus

The CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code required for PawPrint's cross platform standards compliant pop-up menu system.

Send Site

A group of components designed to make simple the task of sending a web page to someone else via email - this promotes quick marketing of a site via direct user referral.

Virtual Tours

Functions for displaying and managing interactive 360° virtual tours. PawPrint is an industry leader in photographing virtual tours and object 360's and this library provides the back-end support for easily adding these multimedia elements to a web site.

XML Helpers

A set if functions designed specifically for dealing with and creating XML data sets.

Note: All CodePacs require nothing more then a recent version of PHP installed on the web server (this is a standard with most all web hosting platforms)

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