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Web Hosting and Turn-key Bundles

The web hosting platform you choose is a key factor in how well your web site will perform. PawPrint has configured our web hosting offering to specifically meet the requirements of the XDe CMS and our customers. While we do offer standalong hosting packages, the majority of our customers will do best to consider one of the turn key bundles.

Turn-key Bundles

These packages provide much more then just web hosting. The also include XDe CMS license, consulting, and depending on the package selected advanced features like offsite backup and external static content. These combine services into a single annual fee to provide a simple and approperiate package for typical applications

1. Small Business
1. Small Business
2. Pro Business
2. Pro Business
3. Enterprise Bundle
3. Enterprise Bundle

Small BusinessPro BusinessEnterprise
Annual Cost$260.00$500.00$1.00
XDe LicenseCheckCheckCheck
MySQL DatabaseCheckCheckCheck
Annual ConsultCheckCheckCheck x 2
External Static Content CheckCheck
Offsite Backup CheckCheck
Additional Microsite Check
Data Transfer10Gb20Gb40Gb
email Boxes (unlimited aliases)2050100
email Forwards2050100

Hosting Only Packages

For those that don't use the XDe CMS and are looking for a more bare-bones hosting package, the following hosting-only configurations are also available.

Static HostingBasic HostingGold HostingPlatinum Hosting
Annual Cost$50.00$110.00$250.00$450.00
MySQL Database CheckCheckCheck
Data Transfer5Gb10Gb20Gb40Gb
email Boxes (unlimited aliases)52050100
email Forwards52050100

Offsite Backup Services

We backup our servers localy on a regular basis but these backups are of the complete server and because they are local backups are not immune to a castrophic problem at the data center (like a fire or major disaster)

Offsite backup offers an aditional layer of protection by takeing the backup off the hosting server and securly transfers an archive of that to a completely different location. The files on your web site being backed up weekly (keeping 2 previous copies) and the database daily (keeping 7 previous copies)

This is the best level of data security available and can be accessed for reasons other then just a catastrohpic server fail. For example the if there is a need due to some business issue to review past data or roll-back a series of major changes.

Retained Data Size*Annual Cost
1 GB$40.00
2 GB$100.00
5 GB$200.00
20 GB$300.00
50 GB$400.00

*The 'Retained Data Size' is the total size of storage required to maintain the backup at the requested retention levels. For example a web site that is 200Mb in size with a 10Mb compressed Database would require 470Mb of retained data to maintain 2 complete copies of all site files and 7 copies of the database.

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