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XDe CMS Updates
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XDe CMS Update

Category: Announcements

July 15th, 2011
A series of enhancements to the XDe CMS will help web sites get listed better on the search engines as well as on Google Plus the new social network from Google. In addition the news module has been enhanced to provide a more streamlined form for adding articles....
Google Search Going Social
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Category: Technobloggle

January 10th, 2012
Google is starting to do exactly what everyone thought they would and combining more and more of the content from Google+ (their new social network) directly into search results. Now they have announced that you can control your search results to include the personal "social" results and/or global results in a Google Blog Post. The important thing to consider is how all this affects you when you´re seeing where your web site fits in the search results....
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