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VLC Media Player
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VLC Streaming one of our web cams

Category: Technobloggle

June 4th, 2011
Some may already know VLC as the media player that is free, fast, and will play basically anything you throw at it. Even those that do may not realize that it is also a powerful media conversion, streaming, and video capture package....


Adobe Edge
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Category: Technobloggle

August 1st, 2011
Adobe released the first preview of their new HTML5 media authoring tool called Edge. To give this a ultra-fast test-drive we wanted to see what we could produce in just 5 mins using the software for the very first time and what that output actually looks like. The results are actually quite impressive....
Bitrates and Codecs and Bandwidth Oh My!
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Category: Technobloggle

April 23rd, 2012
For many, even many video professionals, encoding and modern video compression is basically just a black box full of voodo computer magic. Most just pick a preset and hope for the best and sadly so many of the presets are really not all that great. I get asked constantly for advice in this area and over the years have learned a lot. This needs to be a more complete article, and eventually I will create one - but for now Im going to address a few or the more salient points....
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