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Category: Technobloggle

July 4th, 2010
For the past 24h the ISP serving PawPrint´s main office had an issue that prevented subscribers, including us, from connecting to any of the many google web sites (including mail, maps, search, basically anything from the big G was offline) Despite everything else being just fine - it was amazing to see what an effect this had on the Internet in general....
Recovery from Amazon EC2 Outage
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Category: Announcements

April 23rd, 2011
The web site is finally back online after a 3 day outage due to the recent, massive failure of the Amazon Cloud data center in Virginia. Many of our customers and colleagues were also affected by what some are calling the "Great Internet Fail of 2011" This article is geared for those who are still trying to understand what happened and how to prevent it....
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