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Synching iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Thunderbird
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Category: Technobloggle

July 5th, 2012
I have a Mac, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad; plus I use Thunderbird for mail on the PC and want all these things to seamlessly sync up their calendar and contacts. Really this is very rudamentry data and should be easy but for some reason it isnīt. There is a solution though but it involves some mighty strange but simple tricks....
A Google Maps App won't help iOS6
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Sechelt BC looks like a targeting computer in Apple Maps

Category: Technobloggle

September 25th, 2012
Should we be surprised that Google isn't planning to release an iOS native Maps app soon? Perhaps the real question should be: would it even matter if they did? The real problem with the horrifically bad maps in iOS6 really has nothing to do with the dedicated maps app.

So what questions should we be asking?
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