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June 27th, 2010
June 27th, 2010

Laser Mouse 6000 - Cleaning

How to open and clean a Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000

The scroll on my mouse had been getting steadily more choppy and erratic for a while.. I knew it needed cleaning but finding the screws to open the thing was a challenge. This little howto is provided in the hopes of helping others with a similar mouse.

The trick: The screws are hidden under the 4 pads in each corner of the bottom. They are just stuck on with clew and can easily be popped off with a micro screw-driver or sometimes even with a fingernail.

Once you get past that little challenge itīs easy the top of the mouse will just pop-off and you can easily access the wheel mechanism. In my case I blame my cat for having a fine little hair stuck in there. As soon as that was out everything was fine again. although I took the opportunity to give the entire inside a good cleaning and blow-out as well as oiling the wheel mechanism a tiny little bit.

Result: my Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 is now scrolling beautifully again.

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