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January 30th, 2012
January 30th, 2012

Web Design in 1995

Inspired by a History of Web Design article

The Duke of Edinburgh´s Award Gold Award Society home page (c) 1995
The Duke of Edinburgh´s Award Gold Award Society home page (c) 1995
Inspired by an article on about the history of web design shared by @timothywhalin I went hunting in my archives to find the oldest web design for which I still had a copy. Since I started building sites in 1992 I wasn´t sure how far back I could go - Managed to find my moldy oldies from 1995 through 1998 and though I´d share them for fun.

It really is amazing how much things have changed. As decidedly tacky as these sites look to modern standards I´m actually not all that shocked looking back at them now. The Duke of Edinburgh´s Award site is actually the 2nd version of the first web site I ever created back on a 386 running linux/x-windows installed from something like 20 floppies (if you can relate to this congratulations, you too are getting older!) Sadly, copies of that first version from 1992/3 are long gone but I still have all the working html of the 1995 edition animated gifs and all! The thing even has the old Java Tic-Tac-Doe game embedded in it (ah the good old days)

The Feline Future site was the first commercial site created by PawPrint. It was a team effort along with a trained graphic designer (I was still learning back then and it shows looking at the others) To appreciate it you really need to read some of the software and hardware versions listed there as being components of managing the site (Photoshop 4 and Homesite, for example)

The Quality Inns site was my 3rd commercial web site from 1996-1998 era (the first was also a hotel site) Obviously having some serious fun with photoshop in the design there - it actually was accepting online-bookings and sending out a newsletter.

I found a few other mouldy oldies and may have to dig up some of the others to share sometime.

More Images

Quality Inns Vancouver (c) 1997
Quality Inns Vancouver (c) 1997
Feline Future (c) 1996
Feline Future (c) 1996

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