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paulg has no photo

by: paulg
May 12th, 2007
Forum Search misses older posts
I did a search on my user name but only got two hits. I know I have made more than two posts. It appears that the search is limited to the current 25 posts even if I have selected the previous 25 posts. I realize you may not have any control over this but thought I would mention it.

paulg has no photo

by: paulg
May 14th, 2007
Forum Search misses older posts
It is totaly non-intuitive how to see all posts from a specific user. To start with I have to be looking at a thread with that userīs post The search function is of no use in this instance which is not logical. It would seem that on the search page there should be some way to say, search for all posts from User....

Thanks for the helpful reply.
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by: sbaker
May 12th, 2007
Forum Search misses older posts
Actually what youīre seeing is not a limit to the forumīs search by number of articles - just that it isnīt looking at the username at all.

Basically it looks at the content of the post not the user. Click on your username and youīll see ALL past posts from you in the summary of userīs posts (a better way to do it)

FYI: I have complete control over it - as I wrote all the code for this web site :)

Fair Winds, and watch for squalls from leeward.

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