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by: anil
June 12th, 2004
File access denied error
I am getting "File access denied" error when I start "World Time" from Windows XP Limited User Mode then it works fine if I clik OK button and close that error dialog box. I am not getting this error if I login as an administrator.

Program version: World Time:

Is there any way to supress this message?

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by: sam
March 21st, 2007
File access denied error
I have the same "File Access Denied" problem. (same version of World Time, too. Using Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 2)  

World Time works like a charm when I log into my Administrator account.  But any of the non-administrator logins get that error.

Is there some file permission thing that needs to be set?
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by: sbaker
March 22nd, 2007
File access denied error
AH! This note about the administrator access might have something to do with it. Ill check and see - that might be the solution. There are access rights associated with setting the time and perhaps that is the problem. As Windows is getting more and more locked down - doing something like setting the time from software is becoming more and more difficult.

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