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by: sbaker
November 18th, 2006
Maximum Image size for Internet Explorer
Just spent quite a bit of time searching on the Net for anything related to a maximum supported image in Internet Explorer and found nothing conclusive - so I did a bunch of research and have found the following:

Internet Explorer can not (will not?) display an image if the size of any edge is larger then 3600 pixels. Not good news for anyone with the newer high-mega-pixel cameras or those trying to display high-resolution charts online like me ;)

If the image is too big you just get a little red X from IE.

I canīt find any limitation in Firefox nor in Opera - seems to display images up to 12,000 pixels no problem. I donīt have a Mac - so this all relates to Windows.

Anyway - just FYI.
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tinhkt5491 has no photo

by: tinhkt5491
January 2nd, 2019
Maximum Image size for Internet Explorer
Thanks you!

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