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February 28th, 2004
Possible to dock?
I´m really impressed with WorldTime so far, but I was wondering if there´s any way to dock it along the top or bottom of the screen?

That is, is there any way to make it a permanent fixture on the desktop, kind of like the Windows task bar or the Office Shortcut bar?

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by: sbaker
February 29th, 2004
Re: Possible to dock?
Unfortunately there is no way to do this - yet... I have had a few requests for it in the past and will certainly look at adding it in the future. - the reason I havn´t yet, is that it requires a tighter integration with Microsoft Windows - and usualyl I try to avoid that.

I have been working to disassociate WorldTime from relying on Windows as much as possible - to make it more future-proof and less of a system resource hit.

If I can find a way to add this as an option I´ll certainly look at it though.
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