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by: chrisretusn
March 28th, 2005
World Time 1.0 (Found on, actually
I have a KlipFolio Klip (similar to an RSS feed) that list new software additions for  I noticed a Word Tine 1.0 I checked it out, it is version distributed as wt.exe.  It may or may not violate your license agreement, which is included in the repackaged distribution; however, it bothered me that does not show PawPrint and the Publisher.  I took a chance and installed it, it does install, it does not appear to install any sort of malware Here is the web page in question. I just thought you might like to know.  

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by: sbaker
March 30th, 2005
World Time 1.0 (Found on, actually
Probably just an error - made by one site and then collected through by the rest (these sites tend to get info from one another) - IŽll try to get it corrected.
Fair Winds, and watch for squalls from leeward.
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by: bspeight
March 30th, 2005
World Time 1.0 (Found on, actually
And I found it on
Both sites are saying that the publisher is -
What is happening here?


Bernard Speight

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