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by: srhoar
November 2nd, 2004
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I travel a lot. Is there a way to switch my system time to
a clock that I am tracking?

I would like to just right click on a clock and select
"use this time for system time"

Is this possible now?

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by: sbaker
November 14th, 2004
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Interesting - this is the precise reason I wrote WorldTime in the first place - but my thought/goal was different...

I specifically didnīt want to change my system time all the time - rather I used the chimes, and titlebar clock settings to view the time where I was so that I didnīt need to change the system time. That way, all I needed to do was to right click on the clock in the local zone and set this as the title clock and I was done - my system was none the wiser - which suited some programs I was using just fine (some fo the database software I had got a tad upset if the system clock changed)

perhaps that methodology would work for you as well?

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by: ron
December 8th, 2004
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"got a tad upset if the system clock changed"

LOL - that is probably NOT something you really want to do.  Changing system time/date would change the date/time creation of files, upset history on the system, backups, and many other system functions tied to system and file managment.

If you plan on staying in a new timezone for an extended amount of time, then you might want to look at changing system time.  But, you will have to endure the foibles of not only the operating systme, but all applications that reference date and time.  Most significantly, it would mess up many timereporting aps, and many income tax expense reporting aps.

Better to travel with your laptop kept on home time.  Unless there is an awful good reason to change system time, and you KNOW that none of your aps and the system wonīt bite you when you change back.  In my case, it would be a disaster... *grin)

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