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by: keith
April 14th, 2004
copy existing clock settings to new computer
I am using Worldtime on a old PC. I want to copy all my "customizations" to a new PC running the same version of this app. I tried to overwrite the wtclocks.wtd file with the one from the old PC but it didnīt seem to change anything. Any advice appreciated


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by: sbaker
April 20th, 2004
Re: copy existing clock settings to new computer
the wtclocks.wtd is the location where the clocks are stored in 6.0 and that should work all the rest of the data follows the same format wttraqdt.wtd for traqdata, wtalarms.wtd for the alarms etc etc - basically you should be able to just copy over the entire data directory and youīll have it.

In 5.5 itīs the same but all the preferences are in the registry (I know this sucks - thatīs why I changed it for 6) the key is HKCU/ - I think (I havenīt had 5 installed for I while... I know I wrote it and should know these things...

In any regard - youīll want to expoprt that and merge it in to the new system as well.

Sorry there is no simpler way for 5.5 - in 6 its all in a .conf file.
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by: saibal_g
April 20th, 2004
Re: copy existing clock settings to new computer
I am also using WT ver and I have same problem as Keith -  how to transfer settings from old laptop to new. In addition, i also need to transfer all the current events in TRAqDATE from old to new laptop so that the elapsed time remains correct in the new setup. Shall appreciate any suggestions in this  matter.

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