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February 10th, 2004
Official release soon??
Im curious, as probably are many others, as to whether World Time will be permanently in beta or if an official full release is due in the coming year.

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by: sbaker
February 10th, 2004
Re: Official release soon??
Im curious too!


Seriously though - I really hope so... I know its been a looooong time in beta - and that has mainly been due to time constraints - However this new web site is part of the next step - I also now have an on-line location database built which will solve what had become one of the biggest problems with WT, location data updates so I do have high hopes that we are getting close.  But I cant make promises - I havent given up on it but I have to look after the bread and butter stuff first, and sometimes there doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day even for that.

Im getting faster though, so well see!
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