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Pro Business Bundle

Complete Workhorse

Designed for a larger web site or one that runs mission critical web applications and require aditional data protection. This bundle provides everything you need to get your web site online and keep it performing at its best with the peace of mind of having off-site backup protection. Tailored for performance and service, this package meets the needs of business' with online operations.
Pro Business Bundle

More space and including offsite backup for mission critical XDe CMS web sites.

What's Inside?

The single annual fee includes all of the following:

  • Cloud based web hosting
  • XDe CMS License with Automatic Updates
  • 2000Mb storage
  • 20Gb/month data transfer
  • Up to 50 email boxes (unlimited aliases) with webmail
  • Up to 50 aditional email forwards
  • Off-site backup
  • Static content hosted on Amazon S3 (improves site speed)
  • *Annual site review

*During the annual site review PawPrint will evaluate your web site based on the current technology and trends at the time. We will then arrange a time to discuss our suggestions for ways to improve your web site effectiveness and answer any questions you might have concerning its performance, Internet marketing, and review new features that might be applicable to your operations.

It is for me?

If your web site is being used to manage aspects of your business by providing interactive features, ecommerce, and storing customer data; or if your web site is housing a lot of images and/or video then this package will provide the space, power, and peace of mind to meet those needs.

Not the right fit?

If this package doesn't quite seem to fit the bill, have a look at some of our other bundles:

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Questions about Bundles?

Please don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be more then happy to discuss your individual needs.

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