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ecoustic media is proud to be a founding member of ecoustic media productions; founded in 2003 by combining the decades of experience of Headroom Studios in sound design and in web and multimedia design.
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Canadian owned and operated Dark French Host is our web hosting partner. Through a close partnership with Dark French Host, PawPrint can directly access servers: streamlining implementation times for our customers.
Headroom Studios
founded in 1987 by Chief Engineer and Soundsmith, Larry Baker, a veteran of studio & location audio engineering for almost 40 years. An audio facility designed to handle all aspects of soundtrack preparation and post production.
e-clear solutions
e-clear solutions, is an international Marketing, Sales and IT Consortia that specializes in the Hospitality, Tourism and Property Development Industries; with offices in London England, and Vancouver BC Canada and clients from across Europe and North America.
PawPrint uses Nikon digital camera equipment for still and VR photography. Already a leading photographic equipment manufacturer Nikon digital optics have proven to be the best suited to VR and panoramic photography.
the Quicktime VR Association
an international association of professionals who create and produce interactive, immersive images that tell a story in a more dynamic way. With members including professional photographers, multimedia and web developers, artists, enthusiasts, students, and companies that support our technology with software and hardware.
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