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March 5th, 2012
March 5th, 2012

XDe Enhancements

New code layout speeds sites and reduces memory

Part in parcel with code updates to take further advantage of new features and changes in PHP 5.4 (released last week) we are implementing changes to the XDe CMS code that will increase the speed of all sites and reduce server memory load.

Many modules have already been updated showing server-side memory reduction aproximating 50Kb per page view and a 10-20% speedup. The changes also help us to be more efficient when coding changes to the system. All together this new code layout and delivery methodology spells faster and more efficient sites and software development.

Existing XDe customers should start to notice faster responce in the coming hours and a subsequent speedup when hosting providers eventualy implement PHP 5.4 This later change may take several months because PHP 5.4 introduces changes that will break code not ready for them. The XDe is currently being tested under PHP 5.4 to ensure none of these changes will cause any problems.

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