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May 21st, 2011
May 21st, 2011

Temp Flie Cleaner

First in our Saturday Software Review series

Every Saturday we´re going to add a review of or tip for a piece of software we find useful focusing as much as possible on inexpensive or freeware applications that will give you a great big benefit! The first is Temp File Cleaner (TFC) by OldTimer (there are several applications with this name and we´re recommending this specific one.

Platform: Windows
Cost: Free
Summary: Quickly clean all the junk out of your temp folders and caches, speed up your system, and probably remove some mall-ware too.

We are sometimes called upon to help out friends and customers with a sluggish system or one infected with mall-ware and/or viruses - typically one of the very first steps is to run this little gem on it and clear out all the "junk" It´s a wonderful little application that will clear out all the temp files from every account on the system, not just the one your logged into. It also cleans out browser caches and temp files hidden away in Java and various other less common places. It´s free, requires no install (just copy it and run the program) and even goes so far as to reboot the system to clean out anything running from the temp folders (only bad evil things would do that and this really helps clear out the viruses et al.)

TFC is now a standard package we drop on every system we build - recommend everyone run it once ever few months, or any time they feel there ´might´ be a problem or if their system is starting to feel sluggish.

It´s a super simple program with only one screen and a grand total of two buttons "Start" and "Exit" we´ll leave you to guess what those do :) While it´s running it will flash by some details of what it is doing including giving a total file-size of the temp files it has cleaned away.

Remember, close and save everything before running this program because most times it will reboot your machine. You´ll also need administrator access to run it (typical for almost all personal computers - so unless your on a work machine this is usually not a problem)

TFC Screenshot
TFC Screenshot

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The TFC Desktop Icon
The TFC Desktop Icon

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