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Celebrating 10 years of design and technology was founded by Scott Baker in 1994. From it's humble beginnings as a web and graphic design firm, PawPrint grew to involve others and branch out into many new areas. We are ever expanding our rich foundation of knowledge that continues to satisfy customers around the world.


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graphic design
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at PawPrint, we believe that quality is paramount, and are ready to put our extensive experience to work to exceed your expectations. At the same time we enjoy what we do, and want to see our clients succeed - We are pleased with the many friendships and business partnerships that have grown, over the years, with an ever increasing number of our customers.

Head Office

6010 Parkview Place
Sechelt B.C.
Canada V0N 3A5
Scott Wayne Baker

PawPrint President

Scott Baker B.A.Sc. has consulted for telecommunications companies across North America as a specialist in data network design and fibre-optic communications systems. Scott was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1973 and graduated from the Electrical Engineering programme at the University of British Columbia in 1995 with a speciality in communications. He is a self taught programmer and has been designing web sites since 1992 - just after the Netscape browser had first been released. Scott is the President of the Gold Award Society of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award BC and Yukon and a crew member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Scott Cale

Contributing Developer

Scott Cale B.Sc. was also born in Ontario, Canada, in 1973 (strange eh?) and graduated from the University of Victoria in 2000. He is a Java, PERL, and C programming expert who has begun to contribute to in many ways, including: the PERL back end for Versaverter Online and the automatic download link verification for WorldTime. Scott C. is now living in New York and has begun work on the internals of a Java 3D object viewer.

Central Canada Office Manager

Jim Elliott A.Sc.T. was born in Edmonton Alberta in 1975 but hasn't yet had the sense to move out to BC (snicker) and received his Electronincs Engineering Technology Diploma from Red River College in Winnipeg in 1996. Jim heads up our Central Canada office from Regina Saskatchewan and assists in many ways, including web site content creation and updates.
Jim Elliott
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