Innovative Web Design and Application Development Glossary of Terms

This dictionary of web design, photography, computer and graphic design terms has been compiled from many sources and is constantly being augmented and undergoing revisions to try and capture as much of the lingo and technical vocabulary as possible.  

Random terms, by category

Data and Telecommunications, terms, concepts and abbreviations. (19 terms)
An address referring to a document on the Internet. This can be used to reference a web page via HTTP or a file to be accessed via FTP, for example. The reason for a URL (rather then just the address) is to define completely what a computer must do, and where it must go, to access a document (sometimes even on it´s local hard drive in the case of ´file:´)

The syntax of a URL consists of four elements:

Protocol://address/path/document - here are a few examples:
Computer Hardware parts, abbreviations and concepts. (6 terms)
A generic name for various kinds of dynamic random access memory: DRAM that are synchronized with the clock speed that the microprocessor is optimized for. This tends to increase the number of instructions that the processor can perform in a given time. The speed of SDRAM is rated in MHz rather than in nanoseconds (ns). This makes it easier to compare the bus speed and the RAM chip speed. You can convert the RAM clock speed to nanoseconds by dividing the chip speed into 1 billion ns (which is on...
Graphic Design & prepress terms from desktop publishing to offset printing. (14 terms)
An ISO/ANSI/ECMA standard that specifies a way to annotate text documents with information about types of sections of a document. This is the root of most other markup languages: XML and HTML being examples.
Linux/Unix Terms and Commands. (9 terms)
Locate the binary, source, and manual page files for specified commands/files. The supplied filenames are first stripped of leading pathname components and any (single) trailing extension of the form .ext (for example, .c). Prefixes of s. resulting from use of source code control are also dealt with. where then attempts to locate the desired program in a list of standard Linux directories (e.g., /bin, /etc, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin/, etc.).

Search only for binaries.

Photography terms and concepts, including digital and traditional photographic techniques. (11 terms)
Making several exposures, using different settings (initially this was restricted to exposure but with digital photography can also include white balance and quality). Bracketing allows for error and permits selection of the best exposure after development.

Most professional photographers will always bracket photos where you only have one chance to capture the moment - weddings for example.

Web design termonology, concepts, and abbreviations. (46 terms)
A reference to a URL on the Internet that when clicked on will access the document specified.
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