Innovative Web Design and Application Development Glossary of Terms

This dictionary of web design, photography, computer and graphic design terms has been compiled from many sources and is constantly being augmented and undergoing revisions to try and capture as much of the lingo and technical vocabulary as possible.  

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Data and Telecommunications, terms, concepts and abbreviations. (19 terms)
Web Browser
A computer program used to view web pages. A Browser is a viewer that processes HTML and displays it to the user.
Computer Hardware parts, abbreviations and concepts. (6 terms)
The Set of rules to provide system management tools to monitor activity and create messages/alerts as required. Network devices that employ SNMP are frequently referred to as "Managed" devices.
Graphic Design & prepress terms from desktop publishing to offset printing. (14 terms)
An ISO/ANSI/ECMA standard that specifies a way to annotate text documents with information about types of sections of a document. This is the root of most other markup languages: XML and HTML being examples.
Linux/Unix Terms and Commands. (9 terms)
Locate the binary, source, and manual page files for specified commands/files. The supplied filenames are first stripped of leading pathname components and any (single) trailing extension of the form .ext (for example, .c). Prefixes of s. resulting from use of source code control are also dealt with. whereis then attempts to locate the desired program in a list of standard Linux directories (e.g., /bin, /etc, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin/, etc.).

Search only for binaries.

Photography terms and concepts, including digital and traditional photographic techniques. (11 terms)
Wide Angle Lens
A lens with a short focal length that takes in a wide view of the subject. In the 35mm format, lenses with a focal length of 35mm or shorter are generally considered wide-angle lenses.
Web design termonology, concepts, and abbreviations. (46 terms)
An all encompassing term that referrs to the entire collection of publically viewable pages (or nodes) existing on the Internet accessable via HTTP
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